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A&H Finance mortgages for expats

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The best mortgage does not exist but the best mortgage for your personal situation does. With mortgages and insurances, it’s about tailor-made advice that our advisers are glad to help you with. Contact us now for a first introduction!

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Interest rates have never been so low. The housing market is booming. What are your possibilities? What is your maximum loan capacity?

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Our mortgage advice roadmap

Complete and independent expat mortgage advice

Expat mortgage advice and support in English with a large network lenders. A&H Finance mortgage brokers gives financial advice when you are buying a house in the Netherlands. Also connections with purchase brokers, technical inspectors etc. just call 020 – 465 19 51 for a personal introduction.

Your maximum mortgage

Many websites offer the possibility to calculate your maximum mortgage. This is mostly a first impression, but if you want to be sure about your possibilities, give us a call and we give you an insight on your possibilities and monthly costs. Our mortgage advice is highly appreciated by our international clients.


We look at whether your mortgage costs are affordable now and in the future. Part of our advice is how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your new house against unforeseen circumstances. Take a look at our competitive pricing!

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For a first introduction, contact our office. Experience the personal and professional approach of our advisers and our knowledge about mortgages. Because of our ample experience with the housing market in the Netherlands and Amsterdam, we can help you finding a mortgage that suits you best. Call us on 020-46 51 951!