What is your maximum mortgage amount?

What impacts your maximum mortgage?

If you're an expat planning to move to the Netherlands or already living here, buying a home might be on your agenda. Knowing the factors that negatively affect your maximum mortgage is crucial. This guide will help you understand these factors. Our…
How you can help your children buy their first home

Tax return 2022: Maximize your benefits

It's time to file your tax return 2022! But did you know that for homeowners and people looking to take out a mortgage, the tax return can play an important role? We'll explain why. Why filing a tax return is important The tax authorities…

Maximum Dutch mortgage

  If you consider buying a house in the Netherlands, you want to enter the real estate market well-informed and confident. Calculating your maximum Dutch mortgage possibilities would therefore be the kickstart of your house hunt.…
Buying off ground lease

Buying off ground lease: getting a second chance in Amsterdam

As of November 28, 2022, leaseholders in Amsterdam who are still in the old leasehold system can make use of the leasehold buy off scheme.
A&H Finance wins FD Gazelle Award 2022

A&H Finance wins FD Gazelle Award 2022

A&H Finance, recently located at Amsterdamseweg 71 in Amstelveen, has won the FD Gazelle Award 2022. This prize is awarded to a limited number of growth companies in the Netherlands. For A&H Finance it is the fourth time that…