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It’s time to file your tax return 2022! But did you know that for homeowners and people looking to take out a mortgage, the tax return can play an important role? We’ll explain why.

Why filing a tax return is important

The tax authorities will request more information from homeowners. This concerns information about the mortgage and the value of the property. Fortunately, a lot of information is already filled in beforehand, but it is your responsibility to check and supplement this information.

Increase your tax refund

If you bought a house or changed your mortgage in 2022, it’s important to know that certain financing costs are deductible, such as advisory and intermediary costs, costs for the mortgage deed, appraisal costs and NHG costs. If these costs are not filled in, you may miss out on thousands of euros in tax refunds. So don’t forget to include the costs you incurred in your tax return.

Faster mortgage application for entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, the income tax return is important because lenders request this document to determine your income. Therefore, it’s wise to file the income tax return as soon as possible to make sure financing your dream house is achievable in short term.

Lower your monthly costs

Did you know that it’s also possible to receive your expected tax refund monthly in advance? Especially with the higher interest rates currently applicable to new mortgages, this can be interesting. The provisional assessment can be requested on the Tax Authority’s website. If your mortgage changes in 2023, for example, because you pay off extra, move, or the fixed interest period expires, don’t forget to inform the Tax Authority of the changes. This prevents you from having to repay too much.

Get expert help

We understand that filing a tax return can be complicated. Our advisors are happy to help you with your specific situation to determine what’s possible. Feel free to contact us.

Mortgage advice new construction


If you consider buying a house in the Netherlands, you want to enter the real estate market well-informed and confident. Calculating your maximum Dutch mortgage possibilities would therefore be the kickstart of your house hunt. Accompanied by a mortgage adviser, you will get a better insight into your financial options, in which price range you can buy and your expected monthly costs.

Factors that influence your maximum mortgage

The main factors that influence your maximum mortgage are your income and the market value of your dream house. Based on your gross annual income (or profit) and current interest rates, your maximum mortgage will be determined. You cannot lend more than this maximum. In case the market value of the house is lower than the maximum based on your income, then the market value is the maximum you can lend.

10 or 20 years mortgage

A frequently asked question: “Do I fix my interest rate for 10 or 20 years?”. When calculating your maximum mortgage, the interest rate is influencing the maximum you can lend. A higher interest rates means higher monthly costs and therefore a lower maximum mortgage.
Depending on your personal situation, our mortgage advisers will help you to choose the best option for you. The calculator will be able to give you a first indication.

30% ruling

Do you have a 30% ruling? Some mortgage providers are willing to include this in their calculations. Since the higher net income is only temporary, it is often seen that the maximum mortgage only increases with a minimum amount. Nevertheless, it could be just enough to buy your dream house!

Start with an online mortgage calculator

Check your possibilities with our new online Dutch mortgage calculator, or contact our mortgage advisers for a free indication of your options.

Buying off ground lease

As of November 28, 2022, leaseholders in Amsterdam who are still in the old leasehold system can make use of the leasehold buy off scheme.

A&H Finance wins FD Gazelle Award 2022
A&H Finance wins FD Gazelle Award 2022

A&H Finance, recently located at Amsterdamseweg 71 in Amstelveen, has won the FD Gazelle Award 2022. This prize is awarded to a limited number of growth companies in the Netherlands. For A&H Finance it is the fourth time that the mortgage consultancy has won this prize.

The growth of A&H Finance is partly due to the combination of brokerage, mortgage advice and tax advice at Amsterdamseweg 71. A unique combination of knowledge and expertise that is highly valued. Customers can go to one address in Amstelveen with their housing requirements, financial and tax issues.

FD Gazelle Award

“The FD Gazelle Awards are one of the most prestigious company awards in the Netherlands. The award is based solely on figures and is completely independent of journalism. Companies therefore do not pay to become an FD Gazelle, unlike many other entrepreneurial awards,” according to Het Financieele Dagblad.

The prizes for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands will be awarded on Tuesday 22 November.

Mortgage rules in 2023
A&H Finance wins FD Gazelle award

A&H Finance is one of the fastest growing companies of the Netherlands. Therefore it is awarded the FD Gazelle award by the Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieel Dagblad.

April 2021: new conditions transfer tax

April 1, 2021, the start date of new regulations regarding the purchase of a house and the associated property transfer tax. From this date, an exemption from the transfer tax applies for a home with a maximum sale price of € 400,000, on the condition that the buyers are between 18 and 35 years old. The government has set this upper limit to prevent the higher segment from being stimulated to buy houses without transfer tax. This favorable scheme is specifically intended for starters on the housing market, so that they too get a chance to buy a home.

No transfer tax from April 1, 2021

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 and who buys a house between January 1st and 31 March 31st of this year pays no transfer tax. This 0% rate applied to every owner-occupied home regardless of the purchase price. As of April 1, you will not pay any transfer tax for a maximum purchase amount of € 400,000. As a starter, do you buy a house that is more expensive? Then you pay 2% transfer tax on the purchase price. The condition is that you become the residents of the owner-occupied home in all situations

Exemption to use once

The exemption from the transfer tax can only be used once but applies to everyone between the ages of 18 and 35. Have you previously bought a home but have not used this exemption? Then you do not pay transfer tax when purchasing a home under € 400,000.

One partner over 35 years old

Do you buy a house together and is one of the two partners older than 35 years, while the other falls in the 18-35 age category? The exemption from transfer tax is personal. In this case, you pay 0% transfer tax on half of the purchase price, and the rate of 2% on the other half.

Only live in the purchased home yourself

To be eligible for the exemption from the transfer tax to be paid, you must live in the house yourself and be between 18 and 35 years old at the time of passing by the notary. You must also have this recorded in writing at the notary. The exemption may only be used once.

Buying a property as an investment

Are you buying a property or home as an investment? Then you pay 8% transfer tax at the notary. Are your parents buying a home for you and your partner? They also pay this 8% rate

Find out about other beneficial changes to a 2021 mortgage.

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First time homebuyer

Starting 2021 some government policy changes make it easier for you to buy your first house in the Netherlands. For instance transfer tax is cancelled under certain conditions and student debt is less heavily assessed than in past years. When you decide to buy a house with your partner this creates even more opportunities.

Mortgage opportunities in 2021

No tranfer tax for first time buyers

When you’re aged between 18 and 35 and buy a house valued less then €400.000 you don’t pay transfer tax at all. When you are over 35 a transfer tax of 2% over the value of the house is mandatory.

Higher NHG (national mortgage guarantee) rate

The maximum price of a house under the guarantee of NHG is higher then the year before. The maximum is set on € 325.000, that’s € 15.000 more than last year. You can buy more a higher value house with the guarantee and insurance the NHG offers. The premium for NHG costs 0,7% of the total mortgage sum. In addition, with installing energy-saving facilities you can even borrow up to € 344,500.

Student debt less heavily assessed

When you apply for a mortgage, your debts are an important factor for lenders. Even student debt are included as debt. Starting january 2021 a student debt is less heavily assessed by lenders who determine your maximum amount of mortgage.

Cohabitation: lowest income counts for 90%

For most households the maximum mortgage will be higher than previous years. When you apply with your partner and both incomes for a mortgage the lowest income still counts for 90% in the calculations of the lender. In previous years only the highest income was taken into account.

The advisors of A&H Finance can tell you a lot more about these favorable conditions in buying your first house in the Netherlands.

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