Moving from Diemen to Amstelveen

Done with demolition, time for decorating

The worst clouds of dust have descended, the many containers with demolition waste have been removed. Time to start laying out the floors.

To arrange

You will soon enter the building via the central hall and we will welcome you. You can then take a seat in one of the consultation rooms on the ground floor with a fresh cup of coffee or tea. In the meantime, your advisor is already arriving. The search for a new home can begin!

Moving from Diemen to Amstelveen

Mortgage advice at A&H Finance

Our mortgage advice always starts with a first non-binding introduction. Together with your advisor you go through the options of your financial situation. After this conversation, your search for a home of your dreams will start. You can search with confidence, because you know exactly up to what amount you can bid. Once you have found a home, you can discuss with your regular mortgage advisor what needs to be arranged. We try to make it as easy as possible for you. We can arrange not only your mortgage, but also the help of a purchase broker, sales broker or tax advisor.