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Finally, you have found and bought a beautiful home. Now you still need to get the financing in place. There is a lot to consider when taking out a mortgage, so getting good mortgage advice is important. After all, you are entering into a long-term financial commitment, which you can enjoy for a long time with good advice. It is important that your mortgage advisor is independent. Why? You can read that further in this article.

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Different types of mortgage advice

There are different types of mortgage advisors. This mainly has to do with how many lenders an advisor can compare. An adviser at a bank, for example, can only advise and mediate products from his or her own organisation. An independent advisor can compare and mediate products from any mortgage lender. The best mortgage depends on your personal situation. That is why it is important that your mortgage advisor is independent, so that he or she can conclude the best deal for you. There are also partly independent mortgage advisers. These can only take out a mortgage with a limited number of providers. These are usually about 5 to 6. We are a completely independent mortgage advice office and can take out mortgages with more than 30 different lenders.

The risk of (partially) dependent advisors

When you seek advice from a bank or a partly dependent advisor, you run the risk of not getting the mortgage that suits you best. Such an advisor can only sell products from his or her own bank. While there are also other parties such as insurers and smaller banks that offer mortgages and they often have attractive interest rates and conditions.

Why independent advice is important

As mentioned, independent advice is important. This is because every situation is different. Are you buying a house for the first time, or have you already owned a house? Together or alone? This all plays a part in the final mortgage advice. It is important that your advisor examines the entire mortgage and interest offer. This not only concerns a competitive interest rate, but also the associated conditions. Hedging risks by means of, for example, insurance policies must also be included in the advice. This is of course all included in our mortgage advice step-by-step plan and we are completely independent in this advice. In addition, A&H Finance’s pricing is very competitive. See our rates page for more information.

How do you know if an advisor is independent?

Find out if a mortgage advisor is independent. Each financial service provider makes a service document available on its website. This is a standard document that states exactly what the financial service provider can do for you, how many providers it can compare, the costs of the advice and more. This is a useful document to compare financial service providers and thus mortgage advisors. You can of course inquire with the mortgage adviser which lenders they work with. Also inquire whether the company is completely independent, and therefore has no control or share relationship with certain banks or insurers.

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