Mortgage calculator Netherlands

If you consider buying a house in the Netherlands, you want to know how much mortgage you can get. Our advisors are happy to help you. Would you like a quick indication first? Then you can use our mortgage calculator. This tool calculates the maximum mortgage you can get by incorporating multiple factors.

Calculate your maximum mortgage

Before you start calculating, we would like to tell you what factors influence the calculation. The most obvious one is your gross income. The higher your gross income, the higher your maximum mortgage will be.


As we mentioned, your income influences the maximum mortgage you can get. The gross income consists of your monthly salary, provision, personal bonuses, holiday pay, and, for example, a 13th month. Bonuses are calculated as the average of the past three years. 


If you are an entrepreneur, we always recommend getting in contact with our advisors to get a clear picture of the gross income on which the bank will base its calculations. If you own a sole proprietorship, you need to be active as an entrepreneur for at least an entire year, and then you calculate with the profit of that year. If you have been an entrepreneur for longer than three years then you can calculate your average profit for the last three years. Call our advisors at 020-4651951 

Mortgage interest rates

The interest of your mortgage will also be taken into account when calculating the maximum mortgage. Currently, the interest rates are rising. This causes an increase in the monthly costs, which could negatively impact the amount of mortgage you can get. 

Value of the house

The value of the house that you are looking to buy also affects your maximum mortgage. The mortgage cannot be more than 100% of the appraised value of your new house. If you have plans to make the house more sustainable, you can finance up to 106% of the house with a mortgage.  

Factors that influence the mortgage calculator

When using the mortgage calculator, you can choose to let the calculator use more data, to make the outcome as realistic as possible. You can indicate whether you are an entrepreneur or are working in paid employment. Partner alimony, a private lease contract of your car, or ground lease can also be considered in the calculation. These are all important factors that affect your maximum mortgage. 

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The calculator indicates your possibilities for a mortgage. Our advisors can provide you with more knowledge and information to show you your best possibilities. We are pleased to assist you with buying your dream house. 

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