How does a construction deposit work?

Anyone who buys a new house will also like to refurbish and/or arrange it completely according to their own insight. Especially if your next home is a bit older, you might want to give it a complete new look, modernize it, make it more sustainable and maybe even expand it. A construction deposit as part of your new mortgage can be a solution. Even if you want to renovate your current home, a construction deposit with a new mortgage is a great opportunity.

A construction deposit is a kind of account with the bank from which you can have the costs of renovation or improvement of the home paid. The great thing is that with a renovation, the value of your new home generally increases and you can therefore also get more mortgage. Sometimes the interest on your entire mortgage even goes down because your home is worth more as a result of the renovation.

Renovation and improvement

A construction deposit can be used for adjustments to your house that are fixed to it. This is officially called ‘inextricably linked to the house’. For example, a kitchen, bathroom, toilet can all be part of your plans, but also paint, wallpaper, floors, electricity and even the landscaping of your garden. It works very easily: you have a receipt from the kitchen supplier or the contractor and you submit it to the bank. The bank then pays the contractor or supplier from the construction deposit.

You must include your ideas for adapting the house in a renovation specification (verbouwingsspecificatie). Request quotes from suppliers and contractors for the various jobs you want to carry out. Based on this, you draw up a global budget: this is the renovation specification.

Download a renovation specification with which you can make an overview of your renovation plans. Our advisors will of course help you develop your ideas. Call 020 – 465 19 51 for the best start to your plans!

A mortgage with construction deposit

To upgrade your home with the desired renovation, you can include the renovation costs in the mortgage. If you already have the money available for the renovation yourself, it can still be very wise to place it in a construction deposit. After all, the value of your home increases when you make that investment. With proof of the increase in value by an appraiser, the lender will assume the valuation after renovation. That can save interest because you may have a lower debt-market value. Our financial advisors will help you find a suitable mortgage with construction deposit that can be used as optimally as possible for your wishes. Feel free to call us for advice: 020-4651951.

Valuation before and after renovation

For the mortgage application with construction deposit at the bank, a valuation of the house before and after renovation is required. Our advisors will help you to request these valuations. Based on the increase in value after renovation, the bank makes a proposal for a mortgage with construction deposit.

How much to request a building fund account

Our advisors will discuss with you how much of the desired renovation can be financed at the bank. Due to the increased market values ​​of homes, when refinancing your mortgage, this can amount often to 100% of the renovation costs. When purchasing another home, it concerns the increase in value compared to the purchase price that can be co-financed. Contact us, we will be happy to help you develop your plans.

Too much construction depot

If you still have money left in the construction account after all the work has been carried out, this amount will be repaid from your mortgage debt when the deposit is closed.

Too little construction deposit

If the construction deposit is totally spent: it’s gone. So if you are short of funds after that, you will have to finance the shortfall yourself.

How do you submit a claim from your construction deposit?

The house is finally yours and thanks to your new mortgage with construction deposit, the renovation can start. Depending on the conditions, your construction deposit will exist for between six months and two years. You can finance the costs of your renovation until the agreed end date of the deposit. You submit claims to your bank. This can usually be done online via the bank’s website or app. You can also indicate whether you want to receive the money yourself (because you have advanced it) or whether the money will be transferred to a supplier or your contractor.

Construction deposit for new-build home

If you buy a new-build home, there are practically no costs for sustainability or improvement. After all, everything about the house is brand new. However, you can also apply for a construction deposit for a new-build home. The difference is that you draw up an additional work specification (meerwerkspecificatie) instead of a renovation specification. It describes all work that you want to do that falls outside the standard construction plan. Think, for example, of a more extensive kitchen or bathroom than is provided for in the original construction plan.

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