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The idea of your parents helping with a mortgage through a gift or family bank is incredibly empowering. If a regular mortgage is also part of the picture, combining it with the family bank mortgage opens up even more possibilities.Your parents and you can explore this option to make your dream of owning a home a reality. Plan your first meeting with our advisors who can explain how this combination works and how it fits our unique situation.

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Home Equity and Family Banks

Using home equity is another way parents can help you to buy a home. The equity in their home, which is the difference between the property’s market value and the remaining mortgage, can be a valuable asset to tap into. If they’re considering a home equity loan in the Netherands our experts can be reached at 020-4651951 or through contact form for personalized advice.

Another intriguing concept is the family bank—a solution that’s like giving you a loan but without the complexity of bank approval. With clear terms for repayment and interest, this approach offers an official path.

Parental gift for a mortgage

If you’re a young adult with dreams of owning a home, you might find that your parents are in a unique position to help you. They can provide you with a gift to assist you in obtaining a mortgage for your new house. This gesture can have significant advantages for both you and your parents, but it’s essential to understand how it works and what it entails.

Support and tax considerations in the Netherlands

When parents offer a gift to help you with your mortgage when they live in the Netherlands, it’s important to remember that Dutch tax regulations play a role.  There’s a limit to the amount they can give you without triggering gift taxes. For instance, in 2023, your parents could have gifted you up to €6,604 without any tax implications. There’s also an exciting option where parents can give a one-time tax-free gift of up to €26,881 to children under 40.

This gift has a unique advantage—it doesn’t negatively impact your parents’ borrowing capacity at the bank. Unlike a loan, it’s a donation, which means they can still pursue their financial goals while helping you achieve yours of owning a home.

Navigating international boundaries

If your parents were to give me a mortgage gift from a different country, they would need to navigate both their home country’s tax rules and the tax regulations in the Netherlands. Various countries have different thresholds and tax treaties that can affect how these gifts are taxed across borders.  You can reach out to experts at 020-4651951 or fill out a contact form for guidance. or fill in the contact form.

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