Technical inspection

A technical inspection offers security for you and the mortgage provider at the purchase of your home. It is important to know, especially with the many old houses in and around Amsterdam, what costs you could expect in the (near) future. Stated in the report is the basis of the quality of the house, and indications of what maintenance you could expect. Via A&H Finance you can request a technical inspection. We have arrangements with technical inspectors for the Amsterdam region at a fixed fee. But of course, you are free to look for a technical inspector of your choice.

Is a technical inspection mandatory?

If, following an appraisal, it turns out that there are repair costs of more than 10% of the selling value or there is an advice that a technical inspection should take place, mortgage providers will always want a technical inspection report. See our pricing on a technical inspection and appraisal for more information.

Requirements for the report

The technical inspection report should meet the requirements set by the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). Additionally, it is important that the report is recognized by the NHG and Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen. A&H Finance finds it important that the report is as complete as possible, in clear and understandable language and is provided with color photos.