Your first Dutch mortgage

Buying your first house in the Netherlans is a big step in life. Mortgaging as single or as partners, by accepting a mortgage a longterm financial responsibility starts. What it takes to buy a house and apply for a mortgage and how A&H Finance can help you in the process we happily explain next.

Maybe you have your eye on a house and wonder if you can afford it or maybe you are just wondering how much you can afford when searching for a house. A&H Finance advisors can calculate exactly the amount of money you can mortgage based on your specifics. Our advice is independent which means we look at all the lenders and their conditions.

We do this and more for a fixed fee. We have separate rates for singles and couples.

You can buy a house in the Netherlands without paying for transfer tax.

Please read our financial roadmap: from our first introduction to becoming a homeowner in the Netherlands.

Our first introduction

Your first meeting with an A&H Finance advisor is without obligation and free of charge. By phone we introduce ourselves and the way we work for you. We interview you on all aspects of importance needed to advise you. After this introduction you receive a secure uploadlink for all your financial documents needed for the next step in the advisory process.

Exploratory conversation

After reviewing your financial documents the A&H Finance advisor starts and soon after you will be invited for an exploratory conversation by phone, video or at our office. In this meeting all aspects of mortgaging will be discussed so you have a full understanding of rights and obligations. If you wish to follow our advice and make use of our services you sign our service agreement. Your search for a house can start and when you find it you can put a well informed offer.

We can help you with arranging an appraisal, purchase broker or technical inspection

We can offer you more than just financial advice. With our services comes a network of specialists and partners offering you fixed fees and reduced prices for your appraisal, purchase broker of technical inspection throughout the Netherlands. We recommend using a purchasing agent especially for the municipality of Amsterdam.