Higher mortgage in The Netherlands in 2021

First time homebuyer

Starting 2021 some government policy changes make it easier for you to buy your first house in the Netherlands. For instance transfer tax is cancelled under certain conditions and student debt is less heavily assessed than in past years. When you decide to buy a house with your partner this creates even more opportunities.

Mortgage opportunities in 2021

No tranfer tax for first time buyers

When you’re aged between 18 and 35 and buy a house valued less then €400.000 you don’t pay transfer tax at all. When you are over 35 a transfer tax of 2% over the value of the house is mandatory.

Higher NHG (national mortgage guarantee) rate

The maximum price of a house under the guarantee of NHG is higher then the year before. The maximum is set on € 325.000, that’s € 15.000 more than last year. You can buy more a higher value house with the guarantee and insurance the NHG offers. The premium for NHG costs 0,7% of the total mortgage sum. In addition, with installing energy-saving facilities you can even borrow up to € 344,500.

Student debt less heavily assessed

When you apply for a mortgage, your debts are an important factor for lenders. Even student debt are included as debt. Starting january 2021 a student debt is less heavily assessed by lenders who determine your maximum amount of mortgage.

Cohabitation: lowest income counts for 90%

For most households the maximum mortgage will be higher than previous years. When you apply with your partner and both incomes for a mortgage the lowest income still counts for 90% in the calculations of the lender. In previous years only the highest income was taken into account.

The advisors of A&H Finance can tell you a lot more about these favorable conditions in buying your first house in the Netherlands.

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