Maximum Dutch mortgage

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If you consider buying a house in the Netherlands, you want to enter the real estate market well-informed and confident. Calculating your maximum Dutch mortgage possibilities would therefore be the kickstart of your house hunt. Accompanied by a mortgage adviser, you will get a better insight into your financial options, in which price range you can buy and your expected monthly costs.

Factors that influence your maximum mortgage

The main factors that influence your maximum mortgage are your income and the market value of your dream house. Based on your gross annual income (or profit) and current interest rates, your maximum mortgage will be determined. You cannot lend more than this maximum. In case the market value of the house is lower than the maximum based on your income, then the market value is the maximum you can lend.

10 or 20 years mortgage

A frequently asked question: “Do I fix my interest rate for 10 or 20 years?”. When calculating your maximum mortgage, the interest rate is influencing the maximum you can lend. A higher interest rates means higher monthly costs and therefore a lower maximum mortgage.
Depending on your personal situation, our mortgage advisers will help you to choose the best option for you. The calculator will be able to give you a first indication.

30% ruling

Do you have a 30% ruling? Some mortgage providers are willing to include this in their calculations. Since the higher net income is only temporary, it is often seen that the maximum mortgage only increases with a minimum amount. Nevertheless, it could be just enough to buy your dream house!

Start with an online mortgage calculator

Check your possibilities with our new online Dutch mortgage calculator, or contact our mortgage advisers for a free indication of your options.