Mortgage advice roadmap

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Introduction by phone

Introduction on the phone

We talk about your wishes and opportunities

Sharing your info

Share your information

Upload your information in our secure digimap


Orientation meeting

In our office or video we talk about your mortgage advice

Mortgage plan and advice

Mortgage plan and advice

You understand all aspects of your mortgage


To the notary

Congratulations with your new property!

Introduction on the phone

Do you have an accepted offer on your house, seen a house that you like, or do you want to know how much you can borrow?

Contact us for a first introduction on the phone. Of course, filling out our contact form on the website is also possible.

During this introductory call, we will explain our procedure and ask some basic questions. You will have a first impression of A&H Finance and our mortgage expert on the phone has a first impression of your personal situation. After this conversation, you will receive a personal digital upload environment and will receive a request to upload documents that are of importance for your mortgage advice.

  • Have you seen a home that you like?

    Do you want to make an offer? Or is there already an accepted offer?

  • What are your mortgage options?

    Are you in paid employment? Do you have a temporary or permanent contract?

  • What is needed for your personal mortgage advice?

    You will receive an invitation for sending documents that are of importance for a good mortgage advice.

Share your information

During the call, we have made a first estimation on which documents we will need for a good preparation of your mortgage advice.

Via the digital environment, the documents can be uploaded in PDF format. The documents that are most frequently needed are:

  • Most recent salary specification
  • Recent employer’s declaration
  • Overview of your pension
  • Overview of employment history
  • Copy passport
  • Statement of savings accounts and/or loans
  • If possible, data on current property and mortgage, and financial products.
  • The filled out client profile document (we will send a blank copy per e-mail after the first call)
  • You deliver the documents

    You receive a personal digital environment where all necessary documents can be uploaded.

  • Telephonic confirmation of your options

    You will receive an indication of your options straightaway.

  • We go through the next steps

    It could be that we schedule an appointment straight away. But if you are still looking for a home, you can make offers on houses with peace of mind.  It is in our interest that you are most comfortable.

Orientation meeting

For such an important decision as buying a house, it is important to have an orientation meeting to discuss all possibilities, in an environment that suits you best. Advisers at A&H Finance are happy to have meetings after working hours, either at our office in Amstelveen or by video.

  • In the first mortgage advice meeting we will personally tell you who we are and how we work. See our service document mortgage application as well. We want to get to know you and discuss what you want in terms of a buying a house.
  • We will go through the different mortgage types, constructs, and providers you can choose from and also discuss mortgage interest rates.
  • We provide a tailor-made indication of the maximum mortgage you can receive and its accompanying monthly costs.
  • At the end of this meeting, you will receive our service agreement in which the terms and conditions are specified between you and A&H Finance. If you want us as your mortgage adviser, you can sign the agreement then and there. Of course, you can take the document home and think about it!
  • The orientation meeting

    We discuss the submitted documents and go through your mortgage options.

  • Our service

    You will receive our service document and can decide if you want to continue with A&H Finance as your adviser.

  • Your options outlined

    The mortgage advice will be based on the orientation meeting and your agreement of using our service.

Mortgage plan and advice

After you signed the service agreement, we can continue working on your personal mortgage advice.

  • Assessing your current and future financial situation.
  • We find mortgage types and providers that suit your personal needs best.
  • We calculate the monthly costs and provide insight on possible risks and how to minimize them. For example: unemployment or becoming unfit to work.
  • You will receive a financial plan that is based on our meetings and documents provided by you. If you agree with the financial plan, we request a concept of the mortgage offer from the mortgage provider.
  • As soon as possible, you will receive an offer for the mortgage interest rate. The terms for receiving this depends on the mortgage provider and your personal situation. We will give an indication on how long this will take.
  • With the mortgage offer, the terms and conditions of the mortgage are specified. These include, among others: mortgage type, mortgage interest rate, and the total mortgage principal.
  • We will schedule an appointment to go through the concept mortgage offer with you personally.
  • If everything is clear, you sign the mortgage offer and we discuss relevant insurances. We send the signed offer and required documents to the mortgage provider.
  • If needed, we can arrange an appraisal.
  • If you agree upon a bank guarantee with the seller, we are able to help you with that as well.
  • In addition, we will send the application(s) for requested insurances to the insurance company (e.g. term life insurance) to have them assessed as soon as possible.
  • It is important that the dissolving terms stated in your purchase contract do not expire before the binding offer is received. We will actively keep an eye on these dates.
  • Discussing the mortgage advice

    Together, we will go through the uploaded documents and our mortgage advice.

  • Going through your options and requesting a concept mortgage offer

    After receiving the concept mortgage offer, we send this, together with the required documents, to the mortgage provider.

  • (If needed) property valuation

    It is important to have your home valued by an approved and authorized appraiser, to receive an appraisal report that can be used for the mortgage application. Of course, this is discussed in our meetings and we can arrange this for you. The costs for an appraisal are € 300,- including VAT.

  • Application life insurance

    For all applications with the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), a life-insurance policy is typically mandatory. Furthermore, hedging your risks is a good idea. This is always included in our advice.

  • Financial plan and signing the offer

    The mortgage advice will be based on the orientation meeting and your wish to make use of our service.

Congratulations! To the notary

  • After evaluation of the mortgage provider you will receive the final offer and the mortgage is approved. You can make an appointment with a notary for signing the deeds.
  • If needed, we can assist you with any additional type of insurance such as property insurance.
  • The notary drafts up the note of settlement and sends this to you per e-mail. The mortgage provider transfers the amount of the mortgage to the notary.
  • We will contact you to discuss the note of settlement and mortgage deed.
  • When both the mortgage deed and ownership deeds are signed, you are officially the owner of your new home!