Calculate your maximum mortgage

Curious about what you can borrow based on your income? Make a quick calculation using our mortgage calculator Netherlands. Enter your annual salary and if you have a partner, also enter this salary. This way, you know in which direction you can look on Funda. In the outcome of the mortgage calculator, the maximum mortgage for 2023 is presented, so you have an idea of ​​the gross and net monthly costs. Our mortgage advisors are happy to help you get a better understanding of your possibilities and support you in the bidding process.

    Monthly mortgage payments

    Annuity mortgage

    Every month you pay a fixed amount to the lender that consists of interest and repayment. The monthly gross costs are then the same.

    Linear mortgage

    Every month you pay a fixed amount in repayment plus interest to the lender. The monthly gross expenses decrease a bit every month.

    Gross & net monthly payment

    If, according to the Tax and Customs Administration, you pay off the mortgage within a maximum period of 30 years, you are entitled to a mortgage interest deduction for an owner-occupied home. The tax benefit makes the difference between gross and net. For more precise mortgage advice, get one-on-one contact with one of our mortgage advisors rather than using the mortgage calculator Netherlands. We are happy to help you!