Buying off ground lease
A&H Finance wins FD Gazelle award

A&H Finance is one of the fastest growing companies of the Netherlands. Therefore it is awarded the FD Gazelle award by the Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieel Dagblad.

April 2021: new conditions transfer tax

April 1, 2021, the start date of new regulations regarding the purchase of a house and the associated property transfer tax. From this date, an exemption from the transfer tax applies for a home with a maximum sale price of € 400,000, on the condition that the buyers are between 18 and 35 years old. […]

First time homebuyer

Starting 2021 some government policy changes make it easier for you to buy your first house in the Netherlands. For instance transfer tax is cancelled under certain conditions and student debt is less heavily assessed than in past years. When you decide to buy a house with your partner this creates even more opportunities. Mortgage […]