A&H Finance next to AH grocery store

Next door to that other AH

The photo shows a view from our future A&H reception to the neighbors of our new office. At 71 Amsterdamseweg in Amstelveen, we will be happy to welcome you for an introductory meeting about your new housing wish.

Neighbors of AH

A&H Finance will soon be located right next to the other AH: the supermarket chain from Zaandam. The A and H of A&H Finance stand for assurantiën (insurance) and hypotheken (mortgages). Because in addition to a suitable mortgage, our advisors also go through the corresponding relevant insurance policies with you.

A&H Finance new office renovation


Our mortgage advice also includes insurance. We also discuss term life insurance. This insurance ensures that you do not leave your next of kin with financial worries after your death. Based on your situation, we advise the amount to be insured and the term and compare the premiums and the conditions.

Incapacity for work or unemployment

When you lose (a part of your) income or in the event of incapacity for work or unemployment, good advice is needed. With a mortgage, a suitable solution that ensures financial security for the long term is recommended.

Non-life insurance

Finally, we discuss non-life insurance such as home and contents insurance, but also car and legal expenses insurance.

In short: for mortgages and insurance you have come to the right place at A&H Finance and for your normal daily shopping: our neighbors AH are open seven days a week!

We are happy to advise you!

Call us on +31 (0)20-4651951 for a first introduction. Or fill in our contact form and we will contact you.