Remuneration Policy A&H Finance (beloningsbeleid)

A&H Finance applies a remuneration policy that provides for a controlled remuneration of our employees and careful treatment of our customers.

The remuneration system of A&H Finance distinguishes two types of employees: mortgage advisers and other employees.

Remuneration mortgage advisors

The remuneration of our mortgage advisers consists for the most part of a fixed salary. The fixed salaries at our company are in line with the market. Consultants can receive variable remuneration that is up to 20% of their fixed income. A maximum of 50% of the variable remuneration is based on qualitative objectives that serve the customer’s interests.

Remuneration other employees

Other employees at A&H Finance receive a fixed salary and no variable remuneration.

Measures for a controlled remuneration policy

  • We regularly assess and direct our employees to act with integrity, solid and customer-oriented approach. The assessment determines the level of the fixed salary and the level of the variable remuneration.
  • A&H Finance does not receive any commission on the conclusion of complex financial products. The customer pays A&H Finance directly for its services.
  • We receive commission from the provider for products with a small financial impact (for example a consumer credit).