Renovating without stress

Renovating without stress

We have been counting down for quite a few weeks to the opening of our new office in Amstelveen and are still busy with renovations. With still a few weeks to go, the new layout per floor is getting more and more beautiful.

The activities follow each other in rapid succession. There is already carpet on the top floor of Amsterdamseweg 71!

Renovating without stress

If you are going to renovate your current or new home yourself, you also need a good overview of time and costs in addition to a global planning. Sometimes work is delayed or the costs are somewhat disappointing. It is good to always have some time and money on hand if possible.

Do you have major renovation plans and are you thinking of financing them with the help of a new or second mortgage? A&H Finance can advise you exactly on the best options for you. A new mortgage creates the possibility for a construction deposit: an amount of money – belonging to your mortgage – with which you can pay the bills for the renovation.

Construction deposit

A construction deposit gives you time and money to make your renovation dreams come true. Time, because it generally takes you two years to spend the money. And money, because you finance the costs of the renovation through your new mortgage. A construction deposit may be higher than the final costs of your renovation: what you have left in the construction deposit after completion of the project is repaid on your mortgage debt. So no stress! Our advisors are happy to explain it to you!

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