Rent out a house

You might consider renting out your current house, or perhaps you have seen a beautiful property that you would like to buy for rental purposes. Having an investment property could be very lucrative. You generate a monthly recurring income and extra return if the value of the property increases. We are happy to help you and identify your rental possibilities.

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Next house

Rent out your current house

When you are looking for your next house, and you don’t need the equity of this house to buy the new one. You might consider keeping your current one to rent out. A way to gain return of your capital.

First house

Buy a house for rental

Do you have a considerable amount of equity in your current house? Or would you like to yield savings? The purchase of investment property could be an solution. We are happy to assist you with a rental mortgage or second mortgage.

Personal guidance

When buying or keeping a house for rental, there are more factors you need to keep into account than you originally might have thought of. There will be fiscal aspects that should be considered, but also multiple options when choosing the correct mortgage provider.

The financial advisors of A&H Finance will personally guide you, in order to make sure you can enjoy your investment in the long run.

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