Sprint to the finish

Sprint to the finish

The final sprint for the move to Amsterdamseweg 71 in Amstelveen has started. Week in week out, there is still a lot of painting, DIY and cleaning to get the office finished on time. A tremendous amount of work has been done since we acquired the building at the end of last year.

A lot has been improved in the new office in a short period of time. It is now almost time to bring the furniture and other furnishings into the building. In almost three to four months we have realized a beautiful new reception area for customers and workplace for our advisers.

Sprint to the finish

Increase in mortgage interest

In the meantime, a lot has also changed in the mortgage interest rates of lenders. Mortgage rates have been rising for some time now. An important fact, especially for anyone who wants to buy a home.

At A&H Finance we keep a close eye on the increases in the various interest rates for you. An increase in the mortgage interest rate can significantly increase the cost of a mortgage. This also affects your borrowing capacity at the bank and therefore the offer you can ultimately make on a house.


When our advisors are in an advisory process with you, we always try to request a quote before an announced interest rate increase takes effect. By communicating quickly with you and the bank, in many cases this can really save a considerable amount of money. Well worth a sprint! Contact A&H Finance and we will be happy to explain it all to you (at a leisurely pace).

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