Tax return 2022: Maximize your benefits

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It’s time to file your tax return 2022! But did you know that for homeowners and people looking to take out a mortgage, the tax return can play an important role? We’ll explain why.

Why filing a tax return is important

The tax authorities will request more information from homeowners. This concerns information about the mortgage and the value of the property. Fortunately, a lot of information is already filled in beforehand, but it is your responsibility to check and supplement this information.

Increase your tax refund

If you bought a house or changed your mortgage in 2022, it’s important to know that certain financing costs are deductible, such as advisory and intermediary costs, costs for the mortgage deed, appraisal costs and NHG costs. If these costs are not filled in, you may miss out on thousands of euros in tax refunds. So don’t forget to include the costs you incurred in your tax return.

Faster mortgage application for entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, the income tax return is important because lenders request this document to determine your income. Therefore, it’s wise to file the income tax return as soon as possible to make sure financing your dream house is achievable in short term.

Lower your monthly costs

Did you know that it’s also possible to receive your expected tax refund monthly in advance? Especially with the higher interest rates currently applicable to new mortgages, this can be interesting. The provisional assessment can be requested on the Tax Authority’s website. If your mortgage changes in 2023, for example, because you pay off extra, move, or the fixed interest period expires, don’t forget to inform the Tax Authority of the changes. This prevents you from having to repay too much.

Get expert help

We understand that filing a tax return can be complicated. Our advisors are happy to help you with your specific situation to determine what’s possible. Feel free to contact us.