Moving from Diemen to Amstelveen

May we introduce: Amsterdamseweg 71, Amstelveen

May we introduce our new office: this is our beautiful, new, own place in Amstelveen that we will be moving into this spring. It is located at Amsterdamseweg 71.

According to our planning, we will move there in the month of April. But before we can welcome you there, the outside and inside of the building will be thoroughly renovated. After the first demolition and breaking work, the renovation and (perhaps the most fun) the furnishing follows.

In the coming weeks we would like to keep you informed of the work here and when it is finished, we will of course be happy to show it in real life.

Moving from Diemen to Amstelveen

To Amstelveen

We can’t wait to help you with your financial plans and housing needs from this new workplace in Amstelveen! And you certainly don’t have to wait for the best financial advice for your situation, because until April we will of course still work from our current office in Diemen.