Buy your next home

Your income level might have increased, you may have equity in your current home and still benefit from a low interest rate on your current mortgage.
Let’s meet to discuss all ingredients that impact the maximum mortgage you can get. After the mortgage meeting, you know exactly what you can offer.

Already found your new house?

In this period of rising mortgage rates, it is important that you get in touch with us as soon as you found the house of your dreams. Our advisors will arrange an appointment on short term to fix the interest rate, so that it cannot rise any further. Your current mortgage can play an important role here. Especially if your current mortgage has a relatively low mortgage interest rate and the fixed-rate period lasts for a few more years.

Make an offer on your dream house

Together, and based on your personal (financial) situation, we will determine how much you can bid on a house. You could choose to make the bid yourself or with the help of a buying agent. A&H Finance has price arrangements with multiple third-parties.

A&H Finance advisors can tell you exactly how much time is needed for your mortgage application or what is needed to make a bid without financial clause. In addition, we can also offer you a fast service, which means that your mortgage could get approved within 2 weeks.

Bridging loan and equity

If you have equity in your current home, you can apply for a bridging loan. Banks are willing to temporarily borrow a percentage of the estimated equity in the current home for the purchase of your new home. This advance is called a bridging loan, and can be taken out on top of the maximum mortgage based on your income level.

If you want to make maximum use of the tax return over the interest that you pay, you must use equity in your current home for the purchase or improvements of your next home. If you use part of the equity for, for example, the rental of your current home or that trip around the world, a part of the mortgage won’t have a tax return anymore.

Renovation loan

Does your new house need to be renovated?
The house could perhaps be more energy-efficient or more modern. The costs of, for example, a kitchen, bathroom, floors, paint or heat pump can easily add up together. Our advisors help you to get an idea of ​​how you can finance this renovation in the mortgage.

A renovation loan is the part of your mortgage. It’s a balance that is available at the bank in a blocked account, which you can use to pay bills for your renovation. The interest rate compensation on the construction deposit is usually equal to the interest you pay on the mortgage, meaning you don’t pay interest over the money before you use it.

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We will guide you

You already own a home, most likely, with a mortgage on it. Your dream? Move to a larger house? Or to the rural area for extra space? Is your family expanding? Or looking for a more energy friendly house to lower your monthly costs?

When orienting yourself on your next home, it all starts with a good insight into your maximum budget. Our service includes all aspects related to buying a house, such as applying for your mortgage loan, identifying the possibility of moving your interest rate to your new mortgage, non-life and life insurances. Competitive price arrangements are made with third-parties such as appraisers, technical inspectors and notaries.
When you are well-informed about your financial possibilities in advance, you are likely to succeed in buying your house.

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