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Planning to become a first time home buyer in the Netherlands? Enter the real estate market well-informed and confident. We are happy to give you insight into your possibilities based on your personal situation. An experienced guidance throughout the whole process, until the moment that you have received the keys.

Your bid is accepted: time to apply for a mortgage

When your bid is accepted, we fix your interest rate after comparing the terms and conditions of up to 30 lenders in the Netherlands. Naturally, we discussed your personal preferences and wishes during a meeting at our office, by video or phone call.

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Welcome to A&H Finance

Looking for a house in the metropole region of Amsterdam? Have a look at our First house all-in-one package or reach out for the possibilities.

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Make an offer on your dream house

Together, and based on your personal (financial) situation, we will determine how much you can bid on a house. You could choose to make the bid yourself or with the help of a buying agent. A&H Finance has price arrangements with multiple third-parties.

A&H Finance advisors can tell you exactly how much time is needed for your mortgage application or what is needed to make a bid without financial clause. In addition, we can also offer you a fast service, which means that your mortgage could get approved within 2 weeks.

We will guide you

Buying your first house might be one of the most important decisions you need to make in your life. We will guide you to make the right decisions to ensure you can buy the house of your dreams with a mortgage and insurances that suit to your personal situation.

Our service includes all aspects related to buying a house, such as applying for your mortgage loan, non-life and life insurances. Competitive price arrangements are made with third-parties such as appraisers, technical inspectors and notaries.
When you are well-informed about your financial possibilities in advance, you are likely to succeed in buying your house.

The best mortgage for your situation

Looking for an excisting building or new construction?

Existing building

The search for existing buildings could be interesting for several reasons. The range of existing build houses is wide and diverse. In all kinds of price ranges you will be able to find a house to your liking.

You can move into an existing build reasonably fast. From making your first bid to moving into your new home could take no more than a couple of months. It is important to negotiate a date with the seller for the handover of the keys. If this date is within the period of a year, then we can already start applying for your mortgage.

When buying an existing building, you should keep in mind the closing costs (kosten koper). These are added costs you will make for (among others): valuation, technical inspection, purchase broker and in some cases: transfer tax. We will help you to get a clear overview of the required services.

New construction

When you register for a new construction project, the price of the house is fixed. Different from the purchase of existing buildings is that you do not have to pay additional costs, such as transfer tax or a valuation report. Since your new house will likely not require any maintenance for the first couple of years, you don’t need an extensive maintenance plan either.

With a modern energy-friendly building, your house will have a high rated energy label. Some banks even provide a discount on the interest rate.

New construction projects require patience and financial planning. Good to take into consideration that your mortgage payments will start simultaneously with the start of construction of your new house. This also means that you might have double housing costs.
There are ways to include these costs in your mortgage.