Your first house with a mortgage that suits you

Prepare yourself before searching for a house

Planning to buy your first house in the Netherlands? Then please make sure you enter the real estate market well informed and confident. We are happy to give you insight into your possibilities based on your personal situation. And we aim to keep helping until you receive the keys to your new house.

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Please reach out to A&H Finance for a first introduction. After a first free meeting you have an indication of the amount of mortgage you can get and how much you can bid on a house. Have you already bought a house we can discuss and determine the best terms of financing for you. Our services go beyond mortgage advice. We have discount rates with some of the best buyers agents of Amsterdam. We can arrange a technical inspection as well. This will give you a good indication of the cost of maintenance in the (near) future.

Please read our financial roadmap: from our first introduction to signing for your first mortgage at the notary and becoming a homeowner in the Netherlands.

Starting well prepared

How much mortgage can you get?

Things to keep in mind while looking online for houses

Use our network of specialists

How much mortgage can you get?

Things to keep in mind while looking online for houses

Use our network of specialists

Making a bid on your first house

Together with our A&H Finance advisor you determine how much you can bid on a house. You can make the bid yourself or with the help of a buying agent. A buying agent knows all the ins and outs of the housing market especially in highly competitive areas. With this local knowledge of the market you have a better chance of a fair price for the house of your liking.

When bidding it is important to indicate how much time you need to arrange the financing (see box finance reservation) and how much of your own money you are willing to invest in the bid. In doing so the seller can easily recognize you as a serious bidder. A&H Finance advisors can tell you exactly how much time is needed for the mortgage arrangements.

Making a bid on existing build or new construction?

The search for existing builds could be interesting for several reasons. The range of existing build houses is wide and diverse. In all kinds of price ranges you will be able to fnd a house to your liking. Especially when you are looking for a house in the city.

You can move into an existing build reasonably fast. From making your first bid to moving into your new home should take no more than a couple of months. It is important to negotiate a date with the seller for the handover of the keys. If this date is within the period of a year then you can allready start applying for a mortgage.

With buying an existing build you should keep in mind the cloasings costs  (kosten koper). These are added costs you have to make for (among others) appraising the house, technical inspection, purchase broker and in some cases transfer tax. The technical inspection will give you an elaborate overview of future maintenance and the costs. A financial planning for this maintenance is highly recommended.

The finance reservation varies between two an eight weeks unless you are bidding without finance reservation.

Finance reservation

Buying a house requires making a bid on the house. If your bid is accepted by the seller a purchase contract is drafted. This contract contains some resolutive conditions. One of them is the finance reservation. It sets a term in which you have to successfully arrange the mortgage. Our advisors are happy to help you.

When you are well informed about your financial possibilities in advance you are likely to succeed in buying your house.

Please note: if you offer financing without reservation and you fail to apply for a mortgage, the seller will demand 10% of the purchase price.

Your bid is accepted: time to apply for a mortgage

When your bid is accepted the process of mortgage advice starts. At A&H Finance we review the interest rates and terms of all lenders in the Netherlands. Including all their conditions that suit your personal situation in the best possible manner. Your advisor will not only guide you through the financial advice, in addition to the mortgage, our advice also includes solutions in the event of death, disability, unemployment and pension. The advice is thoroughly discussed by video, phone or at our office. Finally, your advisor ensures that your mortgage application is delivered to the lender in its entirety. Shortly afterwards your mortgage is arranged.

To the notary!

You signed a preliminary purchase contract with the seller, you signed a mortgage offer with a lender and the transfer of the house is upcoming. Time to make all the arrangements official at the notary. The A&H Finance advisors can link you to a notary from our network of specialists. At the same time we will advise you about death, disability, unemployment, home and contents insurance too.

At the notary the seller of the house and you as a buyer meet to sign the official purchase contract. You will receive the keys to your new house. After this you will have to sign the mortgage deed. You mortgage a considerable amount of money, but thanks to this mortgage you can now live in the house of your liking. Congratulations from us at A&H Finance!

Mortgage for starters

We are happy to advise you!

Call us on +31 (0)20-4651951 for a first introduction. Or fill in our contact form and we will contact you.