Green: the color of sustainability

Green! The color of sustainability

After placing all the new walls and doors, it is time to give the office its own character. With a new coat of paint on the central column of the building, a new atmosphere begins to emerge on the floors. The original lilac disappears and makes way for pleasant green. Green is associated with, among other things, energy and growth, but of course also with sustainability. We can attribute the latter to the solar panels on the roof of the new office.

Sustainability: solar panels on the roof of our new office

Do you also want to make your home more sustainable?

Do you have plans to make your home more sustainable? Do you also want to generate energy using solar panels? There are many possibilities to make your home more sustainable and greener. Your current or new mortgage can certainly play a role in this. If you buy a new house, you can get an extra mortgage of up to 6% compared to the value of the house.

If you want to adjust your current home, the surplus value on the house can be used. Our advisors can tell you everything about the possibilities. They will advise you on the best financial options for your green plans in your situation. Make an appointment for a first introductory meeting, we are happy to help you.

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